Colonists of a New World

Fire and Goblins


The Rain Lords all went to Kraysil’s yacht and had supper with him. They explained their reasons for coming to the New World, and talked about the goblins and grippli.

Two weeks passed, Xerxes and Seng explored the territories surround the colony, finding two Avarian ruins.

Malkylr continued to search the colonies for fellow warlocks, and heard rumors of Kraysil’s possession of rare artifacts.

Leidolf helped the sick and wounded in the colony to spread the faith of Furyon. He was confronted by Marwyn, a Priest of Theis to leave some sick for the Theis dioceses to convert, Liedolf refused.

Skardak convinced a drunken member of the Thieves Guild, Grundy to go to his boss and convince him to let him join the Thieves Guild.

Morbis approached The Fire Spirit in search of having him as his patron, but mistakenly admitted he was a Rain Lord. The Fire Spirit, enraged wanted to know why they called themselves the Rain Lords, he blamed the goblins. The Fire Spirit ordered Morbis to destroy the Goblin Hulk, and lent to him the Glove of Madris, a magical device capable of summoning two fire spirits from the Realm of Fire.

After two weeks time, Captain Dietrich sent his page to summon the Rain Lords to him. Dietrich wanted the Rain Lords to burn the Goblin Hulk down in order to preserve the colony. The goblins have a history of their hulks showing up and destroying the lands that they visit. Dietrich elected the Rain Lords to do it because they are a neutral party.

Dovan, Skardak and Malkylr went on to the Hulk seeking to cause chaos and learn more of the Hulk. Dovan led them through the Hulk and learned of two of the largest tribes the Big Noses and Swallywags. They incited the Big Noses to attack the other, and sneaked into the Swallywags territory. Skardak was caught, and convinced the goblin chief to hire him to kill the other chief and end the tribal war. When Skardak left, Malkylr made an attempt on the chief’s life and failed, fleeing back to the colony.

Skardak waited until night time, and snuck through the territory disabling guards with his garrote. The Big Nose chief was asleep amongst his harem, Skardak killed him leaving a symbol of the Swallywags, and jumped out of the window into the sea below.

Meanwhile, the others spoke to the Water Spirit. The Water Spirit hates the Goblin Hulk as it pollutes the waters, and its magic stands as an insult to the power of the storm. She gave the Rain Lords the Storm Apparatus, which weakens the magic of the Hulk and turns into a giant wooden and metal crab big enough for a man to sit inside.

They also approached the grippli who had been getting assailed by the goblins, their fishermen and eggs being captured and taken into the Hulk. In response they have built gliders to bomb the goblins. They also retrieved a stone idol from Avarian ruins that if cracked it would release a magical beast that would rampage around, any enemy that fell to its attacks would turn into undead.

The Rain Lords deciding to ally themselves with the grippli, told them that they would lure the chull (giant crabs) to the Hulk instead of getting them to do it.

When Malkylr returned to the colony, the Swallywags followed them demanding that the Colonial Guard bring forth the drow that attempted to kill their leader. Kraysil catching word of this approached Malkylr, broaching a deal for him in exchange for massive amounts of gold the Rain Lords would convince them that this gem he owned the Eye of Graphis was a symbol of their god, Argon. With that belief in hand Malkylr would hand the gem to Kraysil and he would become their Goblin King. Malkylr refused.

Now that they had all the resources they needed, the Rain Lords hatched a plan. Malkylr went under water in the Storm Apparatus to lure the chull. He barely made it back but he had the crabs in tow. Skardak went on to the boat to get his payment but the goblins had figured out that he had purposely left behind a symbol of his office and it was their fault that the goblin tribes had allied against him to destroy the Swallywags. Skardak was forced to flee jumping out of the Hulk once again.

They coerced their way on to Hulk, as grippli dropped fire bombs on the Hulk, and the chull slew their way through the Hulk. They made their way to the shamans and killed them. Grippli soldiers who rescued their captured comrades brought forth an orc slaver who had planned to breed and enslave the grippli. Skardak executed the slaver.

As the Hulk fell apart without the aid of its shamanistic magic, the Rain Lords escaped by the Apparatus, gliders or jumping off and swimming. They regrouped on Grippli Island. They watched as the goblins swam back to shore but would not allow them to reach safety, joining the grippli in slaughtering them.

The rest of the goblins regrouped in the goblin shantytown now ruled by its new mayor, Dovan. But this is a clear message that any Hulk and goblins are not welcome in the New World.



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