Colonists of a New World

Hello Coyote


Two weeks pass as women, children and merchants arrive in the New World. A crane has been built at the dock.

The Fire Spirit pleased with Morbis’ burning of the Goblin Hulk gave him the ritual to make a tornado of fire, though if the tornado touches water it immediately dissipates.

Grundy approached Skardak bringing him to meet his boss, Artemis. Artemis hired Skardak under the alias of Steve. He hired Steve to do some work in the coming weeks for the Thieves Guild.

People that Leidolf had been healing had come down with a strange illness. He tracked it back to the Dioceses of Theis, and to the priest who had complained to him before, Marwyn. Xerxes, Seng and Leidolf tracked him down and captured him. Imprisoning him in the Church of Furyon.

A new adventuring party, the Steel Company laid claim to one of Seng and Xerxes’ Avarian ruins in a jungle south of the colony. Learning their lesson the two approached Captain Dietrich and laid claim to the ruin north of the Grey Fangs.

Malkylr continued to search for warlocks but his only lead at the moment is that of the merchant prince Kraysil who owns many warlock artifacts.

After the two weeks passed, the Rain Lords were visited in their dreams by The Coyote. They were all riding the back of an enormous coyote flying through the air over the New World. He talked to them about the Avarians how they reached the pinnacle of civilization and suddenly disappeared overnight.

The Coyote showed them the first future that of thousands of bodies strewn out in a wasteland, one corpse the scorpion, the destroyed army of the Black Ravens. He bodies lay before a demonic ziggurat.

He explained that a great evil destroyed the Avarians, the Black Ravens knowing the undead are immune to demonic magic seek to use them as a weapon against this great evil. The scorpion, once a god, now a corpse is to be used by the Ravens as a siege weapon. But they are wrong, the only way this evil can be defeated by a small band of heroes, whether evil or good is unknown, just like if it is the Rain Lords or not.

The second future, where the evil is not awakened but the colony fails. An assortment of settlements are across the coast, every race, every nation has a settlement. The land looks barren and used up, and wars between these cities are commonplace. The grippli were the first indigenous life to disappear from the land, followed by many denizens of the New World.

The third future, the colony has succeeded and it has given birth to a thriving civilization whether controlled by the Old World or not. All the gods are worshiped equally. On Grippli Island there is a memorial, they did not adjust to civilization, they started to breed less and less, and the last grippli died defending the innocent in an orc raid.

The futures the Coyote showed them is the ones the Gods can see.

The Coyote explained that the Avarians were destroyed when the Gods sent a plague of demons led by a dark warrior made of a sliver of Theis’ flesh called Thiazon. They did this because the Avarians created a machine that hides the view of the Gods, once it is turned on the future will be open to any possibility.

After the destruction of the Avarians and the machine, the pieces for the machine were scattered across the New World. It requires four pieces: the balance: the stone totem found by the grippli is the balance between life and death, power: The Sphere of Annihilation, control: the Water Spirit’s Wedding Band to the Fire Spirit, and amplification: The Bag of Devouring.

The Coyote just wants to see the machine turned on. He has tricked the Gods out of their knowledge of the machine so they offer no threat. But he asks that the Rain Lords to not speak to the Gods of this machine.

Captain Dietrich sent his page to summon the Rain Lords after they awoke. He brings them the intelligence that there is a smuggling ring in the colony bringing illicit goods to the denizens of the New World. He asked them to help find the culprits.

Seng spoke to Captain Dietrich who is currently putting together the Charter of the Colony if he could include the grippli within those rights, and Dietrich told him Seng would have to find something for the grippli to do for the colony to be included under protected peoples.

Xerxes and Seng determined to plunder the ruins that they had discovered and claimed convinced the rest of the Rain Lords to go and they head out.

Along the way the Grey Fangs spoke to them about the grippli recently having left that dungeon bringing a stone totem with them that permeated dark magic.

When crossing a rickety bridge to the ruins the bridge collapsed on Xerxes and he fell into the rapids below. Seng jumped into the water to save him, and them and Leidolf spent the day climbing up to the plateau.

The Rain Lords encountered a series of gates, Xerxes read them, “A Temple of Universal Knowledge. Quarantined. Magical Contamination. Transportation. Movement. Distance. Access. Central.” They investigated deeper encountering a large underground basilica, and finding traces of the grippli.

They were beset upon by Ettercaps, and managed to fight them off. Xerxes found a map of the complex, and directed them towards the Library where they encountered a cursed trap that stopped them from reading Ancient Avarian.

Next, they went to the Solarium where Seng saw the recorded star observations of the Avarians, and even witnessed the entrance of Thiazon and his army of demons into the mortal realm.

They made their way to the Temple of the Soul where after activating the scrying stone there found the grippli and Aglea deep underground. They were in company with a giant who was pushing along a statue inlaid with gold. Aglea, obviously not just a noblewoman, was dressed like an adventurer. The Rain Lords decided to question her later, and led her to safety with the light from the scrying stone.

They continue to investigate the ruins unaware of what horrors they might face.



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