Colonists of a New World

A New World Settled


After a two month voyage the expedition from Velin has landed in the New World. Clearing a section of land and beginning to erect the first buildings and walls for the colony, a call for a reward to whoever can secure a source of water for the colony was issued forth by the Colonial Government. A group of adventurers answered that call heading out into the unknown wilderness to find a vital resource for the colony!

Heading deep into the forest, when they found a river the colonists were ambushed by a tribe working with undead. After their attackers surrendered, they admitted they attacked because they thought they were Grey Fangs, a tribe they are warring with. Calling themselves the Black Ravens they managed to capture some of them and take them back to the colony.

Reporting to Captain Dietrich and bringing the Black Ravens forth, the Captain wanted these captives brought back to their people and negotiate a treaty with them the reason being that this could spark a war that the colony is not prepared to fight. The Captain lent one his aides, Aidan to negotiate a treaty if there was to be one between the colony and the Black Ravens.

Going back into Black Raven territory their prisoners led them to the main encampment. The camp, a well organized assortment of tents was filled with undead both used as soldiers and a work force, as the humans, elves, half-elves and gnolls went among their work.

They got an audience with Croesis the leader of the Black Raven Tribe, and his Tribal Council all bearing marks on their skull masks denoting them as necromancers. They explained that the ambush was by mistake, because it was common for the Grey Fangs to attack them behind their borders. They believe necromancy and undead are not inherently evil but are tools molded by their wielder. They use these tools as protection against the evil that plagues this land. Most of the colonists most notably Leidolf did not appreciate the use of the undead and actually confronted Croesis about it calling it “vile”.

They broached the idea of the colony using the river to Croesis who decided they would allow it if the adventurers helped them. The first thing the Black Ravens wanted was a peace treaty with the the colony, and a signed promise that the priests who would not persecute their people for their practices and if they did they would face the harshest of punishments. The second was to assist in resurrecting a dead scorpion god in one of the Avarian ruins a few days west of here, they wish to use it in their undead army as a siege weapon.

The colonists decided to think about it, going back east to the colony. There Malkylr made council with Captain Dietrich informing him of the deal, and their intent to speak to head north to speak to the Grey Fangs. Seng explored the outskirts of the colony’s borders and found evidence of two bands of scouts being here before watching the colony. Leidolf spoke to Emmanuel where they discussed the Black Ravens, necromancy, and the scorpion god which both agreed necromancy was inherently evil and the practice had to be stopped. When the conversation came about to Dietrich’s apathy towards the church they disagreed, Emmanuel believing that Dietrich was doing what he thinks is right for the colony. Xerxes spoke to his fellow troupe of rune priests, as he was the only one fit for adventuring they depend upon him to discover new sources of information for them to explore. He shared that there is a dead scorpion god in the ruins somewhere west of here, which they all seemed incredibly intrigued by.

Taking a respite for the day, they ventured north in the morning towards Grey Fang territory. Upon their travels Seng sprung a trap, a spike branch swung around narrowly missing him which attracted the attention of Grey Fang scouts. The Grey Fangs had been expecting colonists to come see them soon, and the scouts escorted the colonists to their camp.

Elves, half-elves, and humans occupy the camp comprised of tents spread out around the forest. They were taken to see Agantha the leader of the Grey Fangs. They learned that the Black Ravens used to be part of the Grey Fangs until Croesis believed necromancy would help them defeat the great darkness, but Agantha could not abide dark magic and banished him and his kin. The Avarians, the greatest civilization that ever was died thousands of years ago by this darkness for reaching too high, just as the colonists do by building stone buildings. The Grey Fangs want to live in peace and their home and forest kept safe in commune with the nature spirits.

When the colonists broached the conversation of water with Agantha, he suggested speaking to the Water Spirit she could grant them a ritual to get clean water for the colony. Agantha took them to a pool of water, where a beautiful woman made of water arose from the pool dressed in a flowing robe. She seemed bored with Agantha’s tediousness, and bowing for her favor, and asked the colonists directly what they wanted.

The colonists asked for a way to get water for the colony. The Water Spirit admitted that was in her power, but she would not do it for free. They would have to pass a test of their strength and resolve. They agreed to go on this test, and the pool opened to stairs deep underground.

As they reached the other end of the stairs the passage closed behind them, after they passed traps, they met a lone goblin standing in the hallway, there was a drow standing in the shadows watching them. The goblin approached them, wanting to know why they were here, after which he told them he was a member of the Dark Blades, a section of the Thieves Guild, they were down here in these caves battling frogs who controlled them. They would pay a lot of money if they killed the frogs for them.

The colonists decided to go speak to these frog people. In the upper tunnels the frogs and their children swam in the water, and rested on lily pads while sponge beasts resided attached to the lower walls sleeping. The frogs called themselves the grippli and soon welcomed the adventurers inside for an audience with their king, Seamoss.

Seamoss received them, and expected a kingly gift for him which Seng gave a sunrod. The king explained that they’ve lived here for a long time and that these “jerks” came in and started trying to kill them to take over the cave, so they allied with their friends the sponges to hold them off. The adventurers asked the sponge beasts about the water spirit in which they explained very slowly that there is an altar in the caves which can be used to summon the water spirit, the waters in the temple though were trapped, so when they are walked upon water elementals will come out and attack them. In order to summon the Water Spirit from the altar though, a dead body with the essence of life still within it must be placed upon it.

The colonists went back to the Dark Blades and their goblin host but the drow was no longer there. Malkylr kidnapped the goblin planning to use him for the altar but instead Seng threw himself upon it draining himself of most of his energy. When the Water Spirit was summoned, Malkylr disposed of the goblin thief.

The Water Spirit revealed this was a game they had to choose a side, defeat either the Dark Blades for the Grippli, or the Grippli for the Dark Blades.

The colonists deciding to dispose of the Dark Blades, and set a plan in motion. Approaching King Seamoss with an alliance they decided to do a coordinated strike with them against the Dark Blades.

Malkylr sneaked up to the encampment, while the grippli approached via the underground river. Using his witchfire, the drow set the Dark Blades camp on fire, and the grippli and the colonists ambushed the panicked thieves. Soon they surrendered, but they soon learned that the Dark Blades had set up a base on the other side of the lake.

The colonists negotiated with the Dark Blades, saying that they would get them out of here, and let them and their prisoners once they were free of the cave if they returned all their stolen goods to them. The leader of the Dark Blades, the drow agreed.

They also released two prisoners from the Dark Blade camp a dwarf and a noblewoman.

They went back to the Water Spirit with the prisoners and grippli in tow. The Water Spirit was pleased, seeing that the adventurers were both capable and moral but were still willing to commit blood shed to achieve their goals. She taught them the ability to create 100 gallons of water only taking ten minutes.

The Water Spirit opened the passage out, climbing the long steps up towards freedom. They seem to be on an island. The drow and his Dark Blades were allowed to leave telling them that “The Thieves Guild will be watching.”

The grippli excited to have new friends, and to explore this new island helps build the adventurers and their new companions, the dwarf and the noblewoman a raft to get back home.



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