Seng Youxia of Yeman Ren

An adventurer chartered to protect the New World Expedition


Origins somewhat unknown, earliest memories are as a young child in barbarian camp, not sure if slave or member. Camp gets wiped out, and in escaping child wanders into jungle. Basically is a wild child for years until a wandering monk finds him and take him back to a cloistered Temple. There, has to deal with wild urges by training in martial arts and spends his time exploring and learning the jungle. One day, he returns home to his temple to find everyone gone. Not dead, just gone. So, he leaves, and tries to figure out what the fuck to do with himself. Has massive wanderlust, and really wants to explore. Not really curiosity, more just unsettled. Ends up being chartered by somebody to help guide and protect mission to new world (He doesn’t care who or why, just glad for free trip.) Back of his mind, always curious about origins of his two families, barbarian and monk.

He teamed up with other adventurers to secure a water supply for the colony by passing the Water Spirit’s test of resolve and strength and learning the water ritual.

He built a log cabin for the noblewoman, Aglea. He helped negotiate a treaty between the colony and the Black Ravens Tribe. When he was ambushed by a group of goblins hired by the Thieves Guild, he spared their leader Dovan, and convinced him to serve the Rain Lord’s whims and save Skardak’s life. He convinced Captain Dietrich to let Dovan and his tribe into the colony during sunlight hours, but any mischief he causes would be their responsibility.

He burnt down the Goblin Hulk. He and Xerxes found two new Avarian ruins near the colony.

Helped Leidolf capture a priest practicing dark magic. Laid claim to Avarian ruins with Xerxes after the Steel Company laid claim to the other one they found. Plundered the Avarian ruins with the Rain Lords.


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The Rain Lords
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Seng Youxia of Yeman Ren

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