Tag: merchant


  • Kraysil

    A merchant that is hugely successful in the [[Old World | Old World]], and came with the original expedition to the [[New World | New World]]. Kraysil delves in any sort of business that can make him money, and seems very interested in more wealth that …

  • Derfath

    A cunning half-ogre who is the world’s greatest slave trader. He wants to expand the slave trade in the New World.

  • Falstaff

    A retired adventuring rogue turned entrepreneur, wants to make the first great plantation in the New World.

  • Ardrea

    Retired cleric of Sylvania, she has come to build a better life for herself and her family. She wants to make a plantation, build a temple to Sylvania, and get her family in important positions.

  • Donal

    Metalworker who wants to build mines, and a large smithing operation.

  • Elyas

    Experienced ranger with a mind for commerce. He wants to find new exotic plants for commercial value, drive up demand for flora and fauna, and new components for ritual spell casters.

  • Tuath

    An eccentric world traveler who has traded and dealt with practically every civilization and culture in the world.

  • Perrin

    A rough lumberjack. He wants to secure lumber rights for the forests surrounding the colony.