Black Ravens Tribe

The Black Ravens began as a mystic society within the Grey Fangs so named because ravens were thought to know all secrets of the world. They were keenly interested in learning how to fight the darkness and its many minions. By plumbing the depths of some Avarian ruins, a Black Raven named Croesis discovered the secrets of a powerful style of necromancy. This style of necromancy empowered any creature raised by it with incredible powers when fighting demons and devils.Croesis told the others in the Black Ravens and they began to experiment with raising their own undead army. Croesis reasoned that they could eventually raise an army capable of battling the darkness. After all, their undead servants never aged. Furthermore, these undead would be immune to the darkness’ corruption.

Croesis confronted the Gray Fangs leaders and told them of her bold plan to destroy the darkness. The elders were horrified by her actions and exiled her from the tribe. Many went with her and they formed a new tribe and even took in a clan of gnolls to complement their numbers. For the first several years, there was an uneasy peace between the two tribes but the Black Ravens quickly built a large army of undead warriors. Some in the Gray Fangs worried that the Black Ravens would test their army on them. The breaking point happened when a Black Raven shaman found the corpse of a scorpion demi-god in a remote desert. The mammoth corpse was over a mile long and the Black Ravens soon formed a coalition with several like minded tribes to raise it as an unstoppable undead siege engine. Once the Gray Fangs learned of their plan, they demanded that they stopped. The Black Ravens refused and the tribes went to war.

The Black Ravens have negotiated a treaty with the colony, broaching peace between the two parties, and giving the colonials access to the Black Ravens’ river.


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Black Ravens Tribe

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