The Merchants

The major merchants in the New World are:

Kraysil the Merchant Prince: Rich, and willing to dabble in any enterprise to make coin.

Derfath the Slave Trader: A cunning half-ogre who is the world’s greatest slave trader. He wants to expand the slave trade in the New World.

Falstaff the Plantation Owner: A retired adventuring rogue turned entrepeneur, wants to make the first great plantation in the New World.

Ardrea the Plantation Owner: Retired cleric of Sylvania, she has come to build a better life for herself and her family. She wants to make a plantation, build a temple to Sylvania, and get her family in important positions.

Donal the Blacksmith: Metalworker who wants to build mines, and a large smithing operation.

Elyas the Naturalist: Experienced ranger with a mind for commerce. He wants to find new exotic plants for commercial value, drive up demand for flora and fauna, and new components for ritual spell casters.

Tuath the Caravan Trader: An eccentric world traveler who has traded and dealt with practically every civilization and culture in the world.

Perrin the Lumber Magnate: A rough lumberjack. He wants to secure lumber rights for the forests surrounding the colony.


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The Merchants

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