Colonists of a New World

Hello Coyote


Two weeks pass as women, children and merchants arrive in the New World. A crane has been built at the dock.

The Fire Spirit pleased with Morbis’ burning of the Goblin Hulk gave him the ritual to make a tornado of fire, though if the tornado touches water it immediately dissipates.

Grundy approached Skardak bringing him to meet his boss, Artemis. Artemis hired Skardak under the alias of Steve. He hired Steve to do some work in the coming weeks for the Thieves Guild.

People that Leidolf had been healing had come down with a strange illness. He tracked it back to the Dioceses of Theis, and to the priest who had complained to him before, Marwyn. Xerxes, Seng and Leidolf tracked him down and captured him. Imprisoning him in the Church of Furyon.

A new adventuring party, the Steel Company laid claim to one of Seng and Xerxes’ Avarian ruins in a jungle south of the colony. Learning their lesson the two approached Captain Dietrich and laid claim to the ruin north of the Grey Fangs.

Malkylr continued to search for warlocks but his only lead at the moment is that of the merchant prince Kraysil who owns many warlock artifacts.

After the two weeks passed, the Rain Lords were visited in their dreams by The Coyote. They were all riding the back of an enormous coyote flying through the air over the New World. He talked to them about the Avarians how they reached the pinnacle of civilization and suddenly disappeared overnight.

The Coyote showed them the first future that of thousands of bodies strewn out in a wasteland, one corpse the scorpion, the destroyed army of the Black Ravens. He bodies lay before a demonic ziggurat.

He explained that a great evil destroyed the Avarians, the Black Ravens knowing the undead are immune to demonic magic seek to use them as a weapon against this great evil. The scorpion, once a god, now a corpse is to be used by the Ravens as a siege weapon. But they are wrong, the only way this evil can be defeated by a small band of heroes, whether evil or good is unknown, just like if it is the Rain Lords or not.

The second future, where the evil is not awakened but the colony fails. An assortment of settlements are across the coast, every race, every nation has a settlement. The land looks barren and used up, and wars between these cities are commonplace. The grippli were the first indigenous life to disappear from the land, followed by many denizens of the New World.

The third future, the colony has succeeded and it has given birth to a thriving civilization whether controlled by the Old World or not. All the gods are worshiped equally. On Grippli Island there is a memorial, they did not adjust to civilization, they started to breed less and less, and the last grippli died defending the innocent in an orc raid.

The futures the Coyote showed them is the ones the Gods can see.

The Coyote explained that the Avarians were destroyed when the Gods sent a plague of demons led by a dark warrior made of a sliver of Theis’ flesh called Thiazon. They did this because the Avarians created a machine that hides the view of the Gods, once it is turned on the future will be open to any possibility.

After the destruction of the Avarians and the machine, the pieces for the machine were scattered across the New World. It requires four pieces: the balance: the stone totem found by the grippli is the balance between life and death, power: The Sphere of Annihilation, control: the Water Spirit’s Wedding Band to the Fire Spirit, and amplification: The Bag of Devouring.

The Coyote just wants to see the machine turned on. He has tricked the Gods out of their knowledge of the machine so they offer no threat. But he asks that the Rain Lords to not speak to the Gods of this machine.

Captain Dietrich sent his page to summon the Rain Lords after they awoke. He brings them the intelligence that there is a smuggling ring in the colony bringing illicit goods to the denizens of the New World. He asked them to help find the culprits.

Seng spoke to Captain Dietrich who is currently putting together the Charter of the Colony if he could include the grippli within those rights, and Dietrich told him Seng would have to find something for the grippli to do for the colony to be included under protected peoples.

Xerxes and Seng determined to plunder the ruins that they had discovered and claimed convinced the rest of the Rain Lords to go and they head out.

Along the way the Grey Fangs spoke to them about the grippli recently having left that dungeon bringing a stone totem with them that permeated dark magic.

When crossing a rickety bridge to the ruins the bridge collapsed on Xerxes and he fell into the rapids below. Seng jumped into the water to save him, and them and Leidolf spent the day climbing up to the plateau.

The Rain Lords encountered a series of gates, Xerxes read them, “A Temple of Universal Knowledge. Quarantined. Magical Contamination. Transportation. Movement. Distance. Access. Central.” They investigated deeper encountering a large underground basilica, and finding traces of the grippli.

They were beset upon by Ettercaps, and managed to fight them off. Xerxes found a map of the complex, and directed them towards the Library where they encountered a cursed trap that stopped them from reading Ancient Avarian.

Next, they went to the Solarium where Seng saw the recorded star observations of the Avarians, and even witnessed the entrance of Thiazon and his army of demons into the mortal realm.

They made their way to the Temple of the Soul where after activating the scrying stone there found the grippli and Aglea deep underground. They were in company with a giant who was pushing along a statue inlaid with gold. Aglea, obviously not just a noblewoman, was dressed like an adventurer. The Rain Lords decided to question her later, and led her to safety with the light from the scrying stone.

They continue to investigate the ruins unaware of what horrors they might face.

Fire and Goblins


The Rain Lords all went to Kraysil’s yacht and had supper with him. They explained their reasons for coming to the New World, and talked about the goblins and grippli.

Two weeks passed, Xerxes and Seng explored the territories surround the colony, finding two Avarian ruins.

Malkylr continued to search the colonies for fellow warlocks, and heard rumors of Kraysil’s possession of rare artifacts.

Leidolf helped the sick and wounded in the colony to spread the faith of Furyon. He was confronted by Marwyn, a Priest of Theis to leave some sick for the Theis dioceses to convert, Liedolf refused.

Skardak convinced a drunken member of the Thieves Guild, Grundy to go to his boss and convince him to let him join the Thieves Guild.

Morbis approached The Fire Spirit in search of having him as his patron, but mistakenly admitted he was a Rain Lord. The Fire Spirit, enraged wanted to know why they called themselves the Rain Lords, he blamed the goblins. The Fire Spirit ordered Morbis to destroy the Goblin Hulk, and lent to him the Glove of Madris, a magical device capable of summoning two fire spirits from the Realm of Fire.

After two weeks time, Captain Dietrich sent his page to summon the Rain Lords to him. Dietrich wanted the Rain Lords to burn the Goblin Hulk down in order to preserve the colony. The goblins have a history of their hulks showing up and destroying the lands that they visit. Dietrich elected the Rain Lords to do it because they are a neutral party.

Dovan, Skardak and Malkylr went on to the Hulk seeking to cause chaos and learn more of the Hulk. Dovan led them through the Hulk and learned of two of the largest tribes the Big Noses and Swallywags. They incited the Big Noses to attack the other, and sneaked into the Swallywags territory. Skardak was caught, and convinced the goblin chief to hire him to kill the other chief and end the tribal war. When Skardak left, Malkylr made an attempt on the chief’s life and failed, fleeing back to the colony.

Skardak waited until night time, and snuck through the territory disabling guards with his garrote. The Big Nose chief was asleep amongst his harem, Skardak killed him leaving a symbol of the Swallywags, and jumped out of the window into the sea below.

Meanwhile, the others spoke to the Water Spirit. The Water Spirit hates the Goblin Hulk as it pollutes the waters, and its magic stands as an insult to the power of the storm. She gave the Rain Lords the Storm Apparatus, which weakens the magic of the Hulk and turns into a giant wooden and metal crab big enough for a man to sit inside.

They also approached the grippli who had been getting assailed by the goblins, their fishermen and eggs being captured and taken into the Hulk. In response they have built gliders to bomb the goblins. They also retrieved a stone idol from Avarian ruins that if cracked it would release a magical beast that would rampage around, any enemy that fell to its attacks would turn into undead.

The Rain Lords deciding to ally themselves with the grippli, told them that they would lure the chull (giant crabs) to the Hulk instead of getting them to do it.

When Malkylr returned to the colony, the Swallywags followed them demanding that the Colonial Guard bring forth the drow that attempted to kill their leader. Kraysil catching word of this approached Malkylr, broaching a deal for him in exchange for massive amounts of gold the Rain Lords would convince them that this gem he owned the Eye of Graphis was a symbol of their god, Argon. With that belief in hand Malkylr would hand the gem to Kraysil and he would become their Goblin King. Malkylr refused.

Now that they had all the resources they needed, the Rain Lords hatched a plan. Malkylr went under water in the Storm Apparatus to lure the chull. He barely made it back but he had the crabs in tow. Skardak went on to the boat to get his payment but the goblins had figured out that he had purposely left behind a symbol of his office and it was their fault that the goblin tribes had allied against him to destroy the Swallywags. Skardak was forced to flee jumping out of the Hulk once again.

They coerced their way on to Hulk, as grippli dropped fire bombs on the Hulk, and the chull slew their way through the Hulk. They made their way to the shamans and killed them. Grippli soldiers who rescued their captured comrades brought forth an orc slaver who had planned to breed and enslave the grippli. Skardak executed the slaver.

As the Hulk fell apart without the aid of its shamanistic magic, the Rain Lords escaped by the Apparatus, gliders or jumping off and swimming. They regrouped on Grippli Island. They watched as the goblins swam back to shore but would not allow them to reach safety, joining the grippli in slaughtering them.

The rest of the goblins regrouped in the goblin shantytown now ruled by its new mayor, Dovan. But this is a clear message that any Hulk and goblins are not welcome in the New World.

The Rain Lords


The colonists returned to the colony, using the ritual to summon large amounts of water to feed the colony and giving distribution and protection of it to the Colonial Government.

Around the colony, word had begun to spread of the adventurer’s deeds and their water ritual beginning to call them Rain Lords.

They spent much effort trying to get the treasure stolen by the Dark Blades to the people, going door to door, and convincing Raferd to leave notices at his tavern in the colony.

Seng helped Aglea who had lost her treasure and household in an ambush by the Thieves Guild by building her a log cabin.

Skardak has begun his search for his contract in the New World assigning an information broker to begin searching for any clues.

Soon word spread of an expedition to claim the nearby river owned by the Black Ravens. The expedition a venture of the merchant prince, Kraysil was seeking the employment of any able bodied adventurers.

Meanwhile the Rain Lords received a letter from the Black Ravens via messenger raven. The letter contained the Black Raven’s wish to speak to the colony about a peace treaty, to meet them at the edge of the forest.

They approached Captain Dietrich of the news of the peace treaty, and Dietrich sent the Rain Lords and his second, Aidan to speak to them.

They traveled to the edge of the Ravens’ forest, and spoke to an envoy. There they agreed to strike peace between the two factions, and that if any one of the two parties breaks this peace the culprits will be faced with the punishment of death. Part of the terms of the treaty gave the colony access to the river, but it began meager at first until appropriate supply lines could be established.

As the two Rain Lords Seng and Skardak returned to the colony they were stopped on the road by a group of goblins. The leader, Dovan was given a contract to kill them, and waylaid them. Dovan surrendered after a fierce battle but not before knocking Skardak unconscious and nearly killing him. Shen agreed to spare Dovan in exchange he would help save Skardak’s life, and serve them.

They interrogated Dovan learning that he was a chieftain of a small tribe of goblins, and he arrived at the colony from the Goblin Hulk. He was hired by a drow to waylay the Rain Lords on the road and frame the natives that they had just came from speaking with. The Rain Lords deduced that he was the same drow as the one they freed after the Water Spirit’s test.

The Rain Lords approached Captain Dietrich trying to get Dovan and his tribe rights into the colony. Dietrich shared that Goblins and their Hulks have histories of offering helping hands then invading destroying fledgling settlements and stripping the land of all of its resources. Seng convinced him to give Dovan and his people day light visiting rights into the colony but any mischief they caused would be punishable to the Rain Lords.

Skardak seeking to find information on the drow, heard rumors of his comings and goings within the colony, and his dealings within the Goblin Hulk. While doing so he found the dwarf the other Rain Lords had saved from Dark Blade captivity drunk in The Fresh Shore Tavern, complaining of losing tools for his trade.

Apparently this dwarf named Hall was part of the Cartographer’s Guild. When he was exploring Grippli Island he was waylaid by the Dark Blades, his tools were put in a chest and dumped in the ocean. His most important tool a magical scroll is crucial for the Cartographer’s Guild’s efforts to map the New World, the Rain Lords agreed to retrieve it for him.

They approached a local fisherman Saald to let him use his boat to retrieve Hall’s mapping tools. Seng promised to show him great fishing spots later on. So Saald rowed them out there, and as the Rain Lords dived in they found themselves confronted by a large crab who had made its nest near the chest. They killed the crab’s younglings, and Skardak distracted the mother long enough for Shen to grab the tools. They then high tailed it out of there, with Skardak, Hall and Saald rowing and Shen protecting the boat by going blow to blow with the angry crab.

They returned to shore and gave Hall his tools back. Hall extremely pleased by the turn of circumstance, promised to draw any map the Rain Lords would want.

As they returned to the colony they were confronted by the Merchant Prince Kraysil who was angry at the adventurers for making a deal with the Black Ravens. They had ruined a potential water enterprise for him. Shen managed to calm him down, explaining that peace was preferable to war in any case. Kraysil intrigued by Shen and the other Rain Lords asked for them to join him for supper on his yacht and to bring Aglea with them.

A New World Settled


After a two month voyage the expedition from Velin has landed in the New World. Clearing a section of land and beginning to erect the first buildings and walls for the colony, a call for a reward to whoever can secure a source of water for the colony was issued forth by the Colonial Government. A group of adventurers answered that call heading out into the unknown wilderness to find a vital resource for the colony!

Heading deep into the forest, when they found a river the colonists were ambushed by a tribe working with undead. After their attackers surrendered, they admitted they attacked because they thought they were Grey Fangs, a tribe they are warring with. Calling themselves the Black Ravens they managed to capture some of them and take them back to the colony.

Reporting to Captain Dietrich and bringing the Black Ravens forth, the Captain wanted these captives brought back to their people and negotiate a treaty with them the reason being that this could spark a war that the colony is not prepared to fight. The Captain lent one his aides, Aidan to negotiate a treaty if there was to be one between the colony and the Black Ravens.

Going back into Black Raven territory their prisoners led them to the main encampment. The camp, a well organized assortment of tents was filled with undead both used as soldiers and a work force, as the humans, elves, half-elves and gnolls went among their work.

They got an audience with Croesis the leader of the Black Raven Tribe, and his Tribal Council all bearing marks on their skull masks denoting them as necromancers. They explained that the ambush was by mistake, because it was common for the Grey Fangs to attack them behind their borders. They believe necromancy and undead are not inherently evil but are tools molded by their wielder. They use these tools as protection against the evil that plagues this land. Most of the colonists most notably Leidolf did not appreciate the use of the undead and actually confronted Croesis about it calling it “vile”.

They broached the idea of the colony using the river to Croesis who decided they would allow it if the adventurers helped them. The first thing the Black Ravens wanted was a peace treaty with the the colony, and a signed promise that the priests who would not persecute their people for their practices and if they did they would face the harshest of punishments. The second was to assist in resurrecting a dead scorpion god in one of the Avarian ruins a few days west of here, they wish to use it in their undead army as a siege weapon.

The colonists decided to think about it, going back east to the colony. There Malkylr made council with Captain Dietrich informing him of the deal, and their intent to speak to head north to speak to the Grey Fangs. Seng explored the outskirts of the colony’s borders and found evidence of two bands of scouts being here before watching the colony. Leidolf spoke to Emmanuel where they discussed the Black Ravens, necromancy, and the scorpion god which both agreed necromancy was inherently evil and the practice had to be stopped. When the conversation came about to Dietrich’s apathy towards the church they disagreed, Emmanuel believing that Dietrich was doing what he thinks is right for the colony. Xerxes spoke to his fellow troupe of rune priests, as he was the only one fit for adventuring they depend upon him to discover new sources of information for them to explore. He shared that there is a dead scorpion god in the ruins somewhere west of here, which they all seemed incredibly intrigued by.

Taking a respite for the day, they ventured north in the morning towards Grey Fang territory. Upon their travels Seng sprung a trap, a spike branch swung around narrowly missing him which attracted the attention of Grey Fang scouts. The Grey Fangs had been expecting colonists to come see them soon, and the scouts escorted the colonists to their camp.

Elves, half-elves, and humans occupy the camp comprised of tents spread out around the forest. They were taken to see Agantha the leader of the Grey Fangs. They learned that the Black Ravens used to be part of the Grey Fangs until Croesis believed necromancy would help them defeat the great darkness, but Agantha could not abide dark magic and banished him and his kin. The Avarians, the greatest civilization that ever was died thousands of years ago by this darkness for reaching too high, just as the colonists do by building stone buildings. The Grey Fangs want to live in peace and their home and forest kept safe in commune with the nature spirits.

When the colonists broached the conversation of water with Agantha, he suggested speaking to the Water Spirit she could grant them a ritual to get clean water for the colony. Agantha took them to a pool of water, where a beautiful woman made of water arose from the pool dressed in a flowing robe. She seemed bored with Agantha’s tediousness, and bowing for her favor, and asked the colonists directly what they wanted.

The colonists asked for a way to get water for the colony. The Water Spirit admitted that was in her power, but she would not do it for free. They would have to pass a test of their strength and resolve. They agreed to go on this test, and the pool opened to stairs deep underground.

As they reached the other end of the stairs the passage closed behind them, after they passed traps, they met a lone goblin standing in the hallway, there was a drow standing in the shadows watching them. The goblin approached them, wanting to know why they were here, after which he told them he was a member of the Dark Blades, a section of the Thieves Guild, they were down here in these caves battling frogs who controlled them. They would pay a lot of money if they killed the frogs for them.

The colonists decided to go speak to these frog people. In the upper tunnels the frogs and their children swam in the water, and rested on lily pads while sponge beasts resided attached to the lower walls sleeping. The frogs called themselves the grippli and soon welcomed the adventurers inside for an audience with their king, Seamoss.

Seamoss received them, and expected a kingly gift for him which Seng gave a sunrod. The king explained that they’ve lived here for a long time and that these “jerks” came in and started trying to kill them to take over the cave, so they allied with their friends the sponges to hold them off. The adventurers asked the sponge beasts about the water spirit in which they explained very slowly that there is an altar in the caves which can be used to summon the water spirit, the waters in the temple though were trapped, so when they are walked upon water elementals will come out and attack them. In order to summon the Water Spirit from the altar though, a dead body with the essence of life still within it must be placed upon it.

The colonists went back to the Dark Blades and their goblin host but the drow was no longer there. Malkylr kidnapped the goblin planning to use him for the altar but instead Seng threw himself upon it draining himself of most of his energy. When the Water Spirit was summoned, Malkylr disposed of the goblin thief.

The Water Spirit revealed this was a game they had to choose a side, defeat either the Dark Blades for the Grippli, or the Grippli for the Dark Blades.

The colonists deciding to dispose of the Dark Blades, and set a plan in motion. Approaching King Seamoss with an alliance they decided to do a coordinated strike with them against the Dark Blades.

Malkylr sneaked up to the encampment, while the grippli approached via the underground river. Using his witchfire, the drow set the Dark Blades camp on fire, and the grippli and the colonists ambushed the panicked thieves. Soon they surrendered, but they soon learned that the Dark Blades had set up a base on the other side of the lake.

The colonists negotiated with the Dark Blades, saying that they would get them out of here, and let them and their prisoners once they were free of the cave if they returned all their stolen goods to them. The leader of the Dark Blades, the drow agreed.

They also released two prisoners from the Dark Blade camp a dwarf and a noblewoman.

They went back to the Water Spirit with the prisoners and grippli in tow. The Water Spirit was pleased, seeing that the adventurers were both capable and moral but were still willing to commit blood shed to achieve their goals. She taught them the ability to create 100 gallons of water only taking ten minutes.

The Water Spirit opened the passage out, climbing the long steps up towards freedom. They seem to be on an island. The drow and his Dark Blades were allowed to leave telling them that “The Thieves Guild will be watching.”

The grippli excited to have new friends, and to explore this new island helps build the adventurers and their new companions, the dwarf and the noblewoman a raft to get back home.


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