Colonists of a New World

The Rain Lords


The colonists returned to the colony, using the ritual to summon large amounts of water to feed the colony and giving distribution and protection of it to the Colonial Government.

Around the colony, word had begun to spread of the adventurer’s deeds and their water ritual beginning to call them Rain Lords.

They spent much effort trying to get the treasure stolen by the Dark Blades to the people, going door to door, and convincing Raferd to leave notices at his tavern in the colony.

Seng helped Aglea who had lost her treasure and household in an ambush by the Thieves Guild by building her a log cabin.

Skardak has begun his search for his contract in the New World assigning an information broker to begin searching for any clues.

Soon word spread of an expedition to claim the nearby river owned by the Black Ravens. The expedition a venture of the merchant prince, Kraysil was seeking the employment of any able bodied adventurers.

Meanwhile the Rain Lords received a letter from the Black Ravens via messenger raven. The letter contained the Black Raven’s wish to speak to the colony about a peace treaty, to meet them at the edge of the forest.

They approached Captain Dietrich of the news of the peace treaty, and Dietrich sent the Rain Lords and his second, Aidan to speak to them.

They traveled to the edge of the Ravens’ forest, and spoke to an envoy. There they agreed to strike peace between the two factions, and that if any one of the two parties breaks this peace the culprits will be faced with the punishment of death. Part of the terms of the treaty gave the colony access to the river, but it began meager at first until appropriate supply lines could be established.

As the two Rain Lords Seng and Skardak returned to the colony they were stopped on the road by a group of goblins. The leader, Dovan was given a contract to kill them, and waylaid them. Dovan surrendered after a fierce battle but not before knocking Skardak unconscious and nearly killing him. Shen agreed to spare Dovan in exchange he would help save Skardak’s life, and serve them.

They interrogated Dovan learning that he was a chieftain of a small tribe of goblins, and he arrived at the colony from the Goblin Hulk. He was hired by a drow to waylay the Rain Lords on the road and frame the natives that they had just came from speaking with. The Rain Lords deduced that he was the same drow as the one they freed after the Water Spirit’s test.

The Rain Lords approached Captain Dietrich trying to get Dovan and his tribe rights into the colony. Dietrich shared that Goblins and their Hulks have histories of offering helping hands then invading destroying fledgling settlements and stripping the land of all of its resources. Seng convinced him to give Dovan and his people day light visiting rights into the colony but any mischief they caused would be punishable to the Rain Lords.

Skardak seeking to find information on the drow, heard rumors of his comings and goings within the colony, and his dealings within the Goblin Hulk. While doing so he found the dwarf the other Rain Lords had saved from Dark Blade captivity drunk in The Fresh Shore Tavern, complaining of losing tools for his trade.

Apparently this dwarf named Hall was part of the Cartographer’s Guild. When he was exploring Grippli Island he was waylaid by the Dark Blades, his tools were put in a chest and dumped in the ocean. His most important tool a magical scroll is crucial for the Cartographer’s Guild’s efforts to map the New World, the Rain Lords agreed to retrieve it for him.

They approached a local fisherman Saald to let him use his boat to retrieve Hall’s mapping tools. Seng promised to show him great fishing spots later on. So Saald rowed them out there, and as the Rain Lords dived in they found themselves confronted by a large crab who had made its nest near the chest. They killed the crab’s younglings, and Skardak distracted the mother long enough for Shen to grab the tools. They then high tailed it out of there, with Skardak, Hall and Saald rowing and Shen protecting the boat by going blow to blow with the angry crab.

They returned to shore and gave Hall his tools back. Hall extremely pleased by the turn of circumstance, promised to draw any map the Rain Lords would want.

As they returned to the colony they were confronted by the Merchant Prince Kraysil who was angry at the adventurers for making a deal with the Black Ravens. They had ruined a potential water enterprise for him. Shen managed to calm him down, explaining that peace was preferable to war in any case. Kraysil intrigued by Shen and the other Rain Lords asked for them to join him for supper on his yacht and to bring Aglea with them.



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