A priest of Furyon seeking to convert the denizens of the New World

Leidolf, a shifter, was born to the wilderness, a deep wilderness, perhaps one of the last wildernesses on the continent with only the faintest touch of civilization. As a pup he spent time with his pack learning to hunt, fish, and to develop a trust for his pack. This tribal life was not to last long. The tendrils of civilization came to the packs wilderness first slowly then much more quickly. First there were merchants looking to trade, than pioneers looking to build farmland and priests to build shrines.

These movements resulted in inevitable skirmishes between Leidolf’s pack and these other parties. As tensions rose garrisons were installed around the packs borders with professional soldiers to fill the halls. Packs began to unite only adding to the dire situation. Eventually a boiling point was reached, with traders and soldiers being captured or killed. An all-out assault was ordered by the lord of the borders. The packs of the deeper wilderness were all but dispersed if not destroyed, those that didn’t escape or die were assimilated or enslaved. Leidolf still considered a pup in the pack was left homeless and with no parents. Found alone hiding in underbrush a soldier, perhaps feeling empathy or perhaps just wanting a trophy, took Leidolf with him. Leidolf having no where else to go and still being young put up very little fight.

Eventually the soldier and Leidolf were cycled to one of the larger garrisons in one of the larger cities on the border of the wilderness. The soldier growing tired of having a shifter with him now that he was out of the wilderness left Leidolf to the streets. Eventually a middle aged man, clearly of the cloth, found Leidolf sitting hungry and alone and seeing Leidolf as a shifter (one who would be better able to convert their recently conquered foe) and a young pliable mind took him to the city chapel where he put Leidolf in robes and began training him towards the path of a cleric.

It was soon discovered that Leidolf was quite adept at learning and retaining the teachings of Furyon, yet still transgressed many rules. By nature Leidolf was born to the wild and the more he acted out the heavier the repercussions and punishments grew. He was taught that the wilderness represented evil, that his former life was one of moral degradation and that his now civilized life was one of moral rectitude. Further, the history and actions of his pack were disguised in deceit, it was the pack that provoked Velin to attack, it was they who through their heretical nature harmed innocents and that it was the duty of Velin and the church to fight this evil. The priests told Leidolf that he had inherited through blood the evil nature of his people and that it is his moral duty, his cross to bear, to fight it. Furyon being young had could hardly argue let alone have an understanding of the politics of adults retained these histories and ideals like a dry sponge.

Thus, these teachings in conjunction with punishment and his young mind Leipold was molded into a servant of Furyon. Many of his years were spent with Frolo, his master, trying to bring the remnants of the packs of the wilderness to Furyon and to care for those who worshiped Furyon. Leidolf excelled at what he was trained for and eventually was sponsored by his master and the chapel to learn in the central districts of Velin. During his education the district gets wind of the new world. Leidolf learns of expeditions sponsored by Velen and the church of Furylon, and becomes eager to prove himself, to purify himself of the wildness that were his people, to bring Furyon and civilization to the heretic and protect those who wish to make a living in the new land. Leidolf hardly waits for the blessing of Frolo before he packs his things and seeks the first boat he can to the new world.

Helped the Rain Lords burn down the Goblin Hulk. Has gone around the colony healing the sick and wounded, and preaching. He has gained the ire of the Dioceses of Theis after refusing to let them heal some sick.

Marwyn, a brother of Theis was casting dark magic on people that Theis healed. Leidolf with the help of Xerxes and Seng tracked him down and captured him. He is now detained in the Church of Furyon. Leidolf helped the Rain Lords plunder some Avarian ruins.


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