A drow thief looking to gain powerful artifacts


Malkylr grew up a cut purse and thief just trying to survive. He got caught stealing from the home of a powerful warlock instead of getting killed or turning him into the authorities, the warlock takes him into his service to use his skills to appropriate warlock artifacts from other warlocks/organizations/ruins etc. The warlock, Thrazadin even teaches him a few tricks to help me along the way. Upon hearing of this fleet to the new world, the drow is charged with stowing away on a ship to the new world, and sending back any artifacts or objects of power useful for warlocks.

He teamed up with other adventurers to secure a water supply for the colony by passing the Water Spirit’s test of resolve and strength and learning the water ritual.

He helped burn down the Goblin Hulk. He failed at assassinating the leader of the goblin tribe the Scallywags. He received an offer from Kraysil to use the Eye of Graphis to make him the goblin king, he refused.

He helped the Rain Lords plunder Avarian ruins north of the Grey Fangs.


A New World Settled
Fire and Goblins
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