An assassin for the Red Scales


There were always rumors in Skardak’s city, rumors of dark deeds and black men in the night. Men who took to slaying citizens at random when the stars were right, or at the behest of some patron deity whose dark ambitions warranted sacrifice. Skardak didn’t believe any of it. The world didn’t work that way. Sure, the odd person would go missing but that was normal for a city of it’s size. That was, until they reached out to him, offering amazing pay for one night’s work. Not being in very good fortunes, Skardak took the work, and found he was rather good at it, if untrained.

After the deed was done, the Guild asked if Skardak would continue working for them. Skardak considered his options: he could stay in his city, barely scraping by and fighting for a livelihood , or work for the Guild, who were not the macabre blackguards whispered on the streets, but merely a family of individuals who were contracted to take on specific, sometimes needed, work. In the end, the choice was easy. Making his way to the nearest port city, Skardak set off to the new world, eager to cut a name out for himself. Literally, if need be.

He has gone to the New World under the guise of an adventurer for hire.

He has joined the Rain Lords. He has hired a contact within the colony to find his target. He helped the colony broker a treaty with the Black Ravens Tribe. When the Rain Lords were ambushed by goblins hired to kill them by the Thieves Guild, he nearly died taking multiple quarrels to the chest, and only survived because Seng convinced the goblin leader, Dovan to give him medical attention.

Helped the Rain Lords burn down the Goblin Hulk. He has convinced Grundy to speak to his boss to get him into the Thieves Guild. He assassinated the Big Nose chieftain.

He has joined Artemis’ crew in the Thieves Guild under the alias of Steve. He helped the Rain Lords plunder some Avarian Ruins, and deciphered the way to save Aglea and recover the statue.


The Rain Lords
Fire and Goblins
Hello Coyote


Colonists of a New World Atlas