A rune priest of Orpheus seeking to collect knowledge in the New World


The 3rd child to be born to a Dragonborn family living in the slums, Xerxes was soon given to a local Runic Monastery, due to his parents not being able to financially support an unexpected addition to their already dismal situation. Xerxes was raised by the monks, teaching him the ways of the Runes and of the many religions and Gods that were worshiped in the land. By his teenage years, he had been trained in the martial and remedial application of the runes and is now a monk at the monastery who mends tools and wagons from the nearby village when he isn’t studying runes in the monastery‚Äôs catacombs.

The founding of the New World has greatly intrigued Xerxes’ superiors and have included him in a small expedition group who is to travel to the new world as soon as possible to search out new runic knowledge.

He teamed up with other adventurers to secure a water supply for the colony by passing the Water Spirit’s test of resolve and strength and learning the water ritual.

He helped burn down the Goblin Hulk. Discovered two new Avarian ruins near the colony with Seng.

Helped Leidolf capture a priest practicing dark magic. Laid claim to Avarian ruins with Seng after the Steel Company laid claim to the other one they found. Plundered the Avarian ruins with the Rain Lords.


A New World Settled
Fire and Goblins
Hello Coyote


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