Goblin Hulk

An impossibly large misshapen ship that despite its size and design stay afloat. The one in the New World has a large dragon head tied to the front. On the sides of the ship there are other boats built on to it. The only way the Hulk stays afloat is through goblin shamanistic magic.

The Hulk holds thousands of goblins, and hundreds of tribes. Hulks have a history to being the vanguard of the arrival of a goblin fleet. There was once a fledgling kobold nation that accepted a Hulk’s aide and in a matter of weeks the goblins outnumbered the kobolds ten to one, invaded the nation slaughtering them, and stripping the land of its resources. Velin was forced to intervene, but the kobold nation was too far gone at that point.

The Hulk in the New World is too big to dock at the colony, and goblins are forbidden from passing the walls so it is down the shore a few miles from it.

The Hulk has been burnt down after the Rain Lords, chull and grippli attacked it.

Goblin Hulk

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