Grey Fang Tribe

The Grey Fangs are one of the oldest tribes in the New World. They were the first to learn the secrets of druidic magic from the nature spirits. They passed their knowledge to other tribes in exchange for peace treaties and as a result, few tribes would raid the Grey Fangs. Their name derives from an event early in their history.

The first druid of the Grey Fangs was once chased by a demon. The druid fell near a cliff and grabbed a rock to defend himself. To his surprise, the grey rock was shaped like a dragon’s fang and its sharp edge easily pierced the demon’s heart. The druid saw this as a sign from the Earth Spirit that his tribes were the Gray Fangs of the world – stoic defenders against the unnatural evils of the world.

The Grey Fangs seem to want to serve the will of the nature spirits, and protect the land from evil magic. They seem content to live in peace with all except the Black Ravens Tribe.


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Grey Fang Tribe

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