The Gods

A pantheon of gods worshiped by the denizens of the Old World. There are clergies dedicated to each god some more plentiful than others.

The Gods are:

Furyon: The God of Life and Justice, this god is the most widely worshiped, and is seen as a lion with a sword in its mouth. A section of this church there are a group of militants called the Crusaders who are dedicated in fighting evil.

He supports those in need, and opposes all that is evil. Worshipers are directed to alleviate suffering, show kindness, mercy and compassion, and be watchful against evil.

Theis: The God of Death and Cycles represented by the eagle with black talons. Mourners call upon him during funeral rites in the hope that hewill guard the departed from the curse of undeath. Worshipers are expected to accept that death is a natural part of life, punish hubris, stamp out undeath.

Sylvania: The Goddess of Blood and Earth is represented by a red dragon she is the patron of elves. Her strictures are to protect the wild places from destruction and overuse, demonstrate loyalty to your family, and to not fear or condemn the savagery of nature.

Orpheus: The God of Knowledge and Creation is represented by an owl. His believers are commonly scholars and artisans. He supports bringing reason, perception and emotion into balance with each other, striving to make a mark on the world, a lasting legacy, and accumulate, preserve and distribute knowledge in all forms.

Afis: The God of Things to Come is represented by an eye inside a looking glass. In his teaching it is not strictly laid out if the future is deterministic or free will exists, and there are often conflicting teachings. Supporters of Afis believe change is inevitable, follow your goals and seek your own destiny, and to be watchful for omens.

The Night Lord: A god that is eternally in conflict with The Pale Shriek these two entities battle for the world’s souls. While Theis created death for mortals, the Night Lord enacts it upon them. The Night Lord supports keeping to the shadows away from the blazing light of zealous good and the utter darkness of evil, accepting one’s fate and the justice of others.

The Pale Shriek: In eternal conflict with the Night Lord, the Pale Shriek seeks the unholy goal of keeping this world’s souls in this realm. She is the mother of vampires, and necromancers commonly worship her. Supporters of the Pale Shriek believe to fight for one’s own destiny no matter the cost.

Argon: The God of Oblivion, he controls chaos and luck and plays an eternal game of chance with men’s lives. He is polar to the teachings of Afis. Supporters of his believe that there is no fate, just luck, and life is about seizing chances and rolling the dice.

The Gods sent Thiazon and a demonic horde to destroy the Avarians when they built the Machine, a device that blocked their sight.

The Gods

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